The process of indexing

About Indexing (by Martin Tulic, from

“The Finishing Touch” [indexing a technical manual] (by Bill Johncocks, from Communicator)

“How We Index: Six Ways to Work” (edited by Pat F. Booth, from The Indexer)

The Indexing Process (by Marilyn J. Rowland, Marisol Productions)

Novice Notes: The Process of Indexing (by Martha Osgood, Back Words Indexing)

Editing indexes

Editing Indexes (by Fred Brown, Allegro Technical Indexing)

“Editing the Index: Developing a Method” (by Hilary Faulkner & Weibke M. Light, from The Indexer)

Reviewing & Proofreading a Draft Index (by Seth Maislin)

Peer review of indexes

Novice Notes: Peer Reviews (by Martha Osgood, Back Words Indexing)

Cross References

“See or See Also?” (by Bill Johncocks, from Communicator)

Depth of Index

How Deep Should an Index Be? (by Seth Maislin)


“Somewhere on This Page?” (by Bill Johncocks, from Communicator)

Size of Index

“Estimating the Size of an Index” (by Nancy Mulvany, excerpt from Indexing Books)

Subheading Selection

“Do Mi’s Second Rule or the Functions of Subheadings” (by Do Mi Stauber, from The Indexer)

Term Selection

“Choose Your Words Carefully” (by Bill Johncocks, from Communicator)